Warranty with Sutherland Nissan


Our warranty policies are put in place to give you peace of mind and reassurance that you’ve invested wisely in a car that will get looked after, should it need a little care and attention.

New Cars

When you buy a new car from any dealership, your new car purchase comes with a manufacturer’s warranty as standard. The Nissan manufacturer’s warranty is three years in length, or 100,000km (whichever comes first). Your Nissan manufacturer’s warranty will cover any problems related to mechanical, cosmetic and structural faults.

As a new car customer with McGrath Sutherland, you get to choose between the two levels of the AHG Protection Warranty. We’ll give you these two 3-year options:

Standard Warranty

Our standard 3-year warranty covers 175,000 km, a maximum claim of $1,000 and a claim entitlement total of $3,000 (over the contract).

Premium Warranty

Our premium 3-year warranty covers 200,000 km, a maximum claim of $2,000 and unlimited claims over the contract. The premium warranty option also includes Platinum roadside assistance.

Each warranty option will commence as soon as your manufacturer’s new car warranty expires.