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The Difference at Sutherland Nissan Service

At Sutherland Nissan service we believe our primary focus should be our customers and ensuring that they receive the best possible customer service from when they bring in the car for there service or repair to them picking there car up after maintenance and repair work has been completed.

We combine technical expertise and decades of customer service experience in our front end to deliver the best possible service to provide you with that extra peace of mind when we work on your vehicle. 

At Sutherland Nissan Service we have five core values that we aim to deliver on every time.

  • Transparency in all dealing's with you the customer
  • Commitment to maintaining the high standards as set out by Nissan Australia
  • Benchmarking standards to carry out all repair and maintenance work on your vehicles 
  • Total customer experience including our comfortable lounges. coffee facilities 
  • Adaptability in offering transport arrangements including loan vehicles and daily courtesy bus

The Sutherland Nissan Service Difference

  1. At Sutherland Nissan we have a range of services available to deliver and support our core values and make sure you receive the highest possible customer service.
  2. Factory Trained technicians on site to deliver the highest standards in all repair and maintenance work and to give you that peace of mind when dealing with our service department.
  3. Specialised Nissan State of the Art Diagnostic System- Consult 3+  diagnostic system specific for Nissan which includes regular software updates to make repairs and to manage mechanical faults with various Nissan models.
  4. Extensive customer service experience at the front end with over 20 years management experience in the service department.
  5. Alternative transport arrangements available including courtesy bus to all local areas including Sutherland Train Station, Miranda Shopping Centre
  6. Availability of high quality genuine Nissan parts for all maintenance and repair work
  7. MY Nissan Service Certainty Pricing including all pricing on all types of Nissan services all to provide transparency in all dealing with you our customers.
  8. Genuine Nissan factory warranty available for customers including 3 yr free roadside assistance for your vehicle. This is perfect to provide you with that added peace of mind when driving your Nissan. 
  9. Early pick up and late return system available for all customers to improve convenience and make sure you have your vehicle as soon as possible.

Q1. Is my Nissan vehicle covered by warranty?
A. When you purchase your Nissan you will receive 3 year warranty under Nissan Australia guidelines.

Q2. Is your Nissan service department open on Saturday's?
A. Our Nissan service department is open until 12pm every fortnight on Saturday based on an appointment basis. We recommend that you provide notice to ensure that we can book you on your preferred day and time.

Q3. How much will my service cost ?
A. Under the MY Nissan Service certainty system we aim for complete transparency in all our pricing of our service repairs and maintenance work. All our pricing complies with the guidelines set out by Nissan Australia.

Q4. How long will by service take?
A. When you deliver your car to our Nissan service department we take prides on providing the best possible service and ensuring that all work is undertaken to the highest standards. Each service job is different however we tell our customers to allocate an entire day to ensure we provide you with the best possible customer service.

We have a number of alternative transport systems available including our loan vehicles which are based on appointment as well as our courtesy bus which operates 5 days a week and delivers to all local areas including the Sutherland Train Station and the Miranda Shopping Centre.

Q5. When is your new dealership opening? 
A. We are excited to let all our customer know that shortly we will be moving into a brand new state of the art dealership with state of the art facilities in our workshop all to provide you with the highest standards in service and provide the best possible Nissan customer experience. 

At Sutherland Nissan our number one priority is our customers and delivering the best possible customer experience. Combined with our state of the art facilities supported by the latest in service technology Nissan delivers a complete service to its customers. 

From it's MY Nissan Service certainty program designed for transparency to its latest software updates for the latest vehicle technology Nissan service revolves around you our loyal customers.

At Sutherland Nissan we work with you to make sure your service is efficient and at the quality you expect.